Organizing Committee

Mr. Vineet Goel
(Secretary, MCPS) (Patron)

Dr. Nisha Singh
(Principal, MCPS) (Convener)

Mr. Lalit Kumar Dhamaniya
(Organization Secretary)

Members of Organizing Committee

Dr. Rachna Kant (Dept. of Education)

Dr. Subodh Bala (Dept. of Education)

Dr. Rekha Sharma (Dept. of Education)

Mr. Arvind Kr. Pandey (Dept. of Computer Application)

Mr. Anuj Sharma (Dept. of Business Administration)

Ms. Rakhi Sharma (Dept. of Business Administration)

Mr. Pradip Kashyap (Dept. of Business Administration)

Mr. Vijendra Singh Dept. of Computer Application)

Ms. Kiran Joshi (Dept. of Education)

Mr. Gaurav Sharma (Dept. of Computer Application)

Ms. Monika Bansal (Dept. of Education)

Ms. Ayushi Jain (Dept. of Computer Application)

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